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Posted on January 6, 2017

Let JP Euro keep you safe.

With the New Year celebrations over, and businesses opening back up, we know that a lot of you are starting to make your trek back from your holidays. Whether that’s driving back home from vacation, sending your kids back up to college, or getting a head start on your new years’ resolution to go on more adventures; January is a month filled with excitement, and long drives. Before you start on those long drives however, here are a few things you should check to ensure maximum safety.

  • Are your tires up to pressure? With the colder weather coming in, especially in Dallas, tires tend to run low, which can be dangerous when you’re driving through long roads with few pit stops.
  • How are your brakes? With the roads icing over, make sure your brakes are in top notch condition, so you don’t get in trouble when the large delivery truck in front of you decides to make a sudden stop.
  • Is your battery dying? Car batteries are more susceptible to being drained due to dropping temperatures. If your car battery is on its last leg, you could find yourself stranded in the middle of the road due to your car unexpectedly dying. 
  • Have you cleaned your car? It’s good to regularly clean your tires, especially during the winter, to get rid of corrosive road salt. Here at JP Euro, we offer detailed car cleaning services with top of the line Adam Polishes, and Drive Auto Appearance cleaners. 
  • Do you have enough antifreeze? With the temperatures lowering each day, your car engine can become susceptible to freezing if there is not enough antifreeze in your vehicle.

If you answered no, or more importantly, if you do not know the answers to the questions above, you should come in to JP Euro for a FREE check up. Let our certified experts look at your car, and make sure that you are in top notch condition. Here at JP Euro, your safety is our utmost concern. The roads can be quite dangerous this time of year, don’t leave your safety as a question, make sure it’s guaranteed and schedule an appointment today ! 



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