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logo_aseOur professional and award winning Dallas service team has more than 15+ combined years of automotive repair experience on BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Toyota vehicles.
For outstanding performance, we use the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose and repair your European automobile. We take great pride in the quality of our work and the honesty that’s truly the common thread in everything we do.
At JP Euro, Inc., we provide the full range of services to Dallas that keep your BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Toyota in the best condition possible. Whether you need preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance according to factory schedules, or minor or major repairs, our staff has the skills, aptitude, and equipment to provide your car with the best attention it deserves. We maintain an extensive, up-to-date library of factory manuals, guides, and service bulletins to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality service.
Our factory trained BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Toyota Master Technicians take great care of your car and all of its repair and service needs. Call us today for an appointment.


At JP Euro you will be treated to:

  • Superior customer service (our top priority)
  • Our unsurpassed standard warranty of 36 months/36thousand miles on parts and labor
  • Excellent service at an excellent price
  • ASE Certified Master Technicians
  • Certified Master Lexus Technicians
  • BMW technicians trained by WorldPac
  • A 24-hour loaner car for major service and repairs that require 3 or more billable hours of shop time
  • The finest BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Toyota care (our only business)
  • Complimentary Car Wash and Vacuum
  • A clean, modern waiting area with free Wi-Fi access
  • Convenient Online scheduling

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Brands We Carry


Dallas Repair and Service


Dallas Audi Repair Services

We specialize in repairing and servicing some of the major brand names when it comes to cars. If you own an Audi, and are hunting down a reliable service center, where your car will be taken care of in the most professional way possible, then opt for our Audi repair & Services in Dallas.

We are highly acknowledged by our clients for providing professional, efficient and reliable services. We make sure that the service is delivered with utmost precision and within the stipulated time frame. So, if you do opt for our services, then you can be rest assured that your Audi is in good hands.

If you choose our Audi repair & services in Dallas, then our mechanics will diagnose your vehicle thoroughly and look for developing problems, So that the car performs with all its might in future which will in turn make sure that, you don’t have to suffer any future breakdowns.


BMW Tuning

When you have your Dallas BMW Tuning done at JP Euro you will experience dramatic improvements in the speed, dynamics and handling of the car (and seeing as BMW cars are already lauded for these aspects, the improvements might well take your breath away). This tuning is all about making the qualities of the car even better and fixing engineering and performance flaws that it might have – once the team of expert technicians are done with the car, however, it might just end up becoming the best car that you’ve ever owned (or ever will own) in your life.

For any BMW drivers who get a thrill out of driving and wants to better their experience, getting tuning done is an absolute must! Get in touch with our Dallas BMW Tuning team today and find out more about what exactly tuning involves and exactly what sort of benefit this will bring to your driving experience – you’re sure to be impressed with the service that is provided as well as the end result.

BMW Oil Change

Dallas BMW oil change at JP EuroBMWs are “engineered” to have 12,000 and up to 15,000 mile (or one year) oil change intervals. Exactly who engineered this extended service interval? Was it the engine designers or perhaps the accountants? Changing the engine oil sooner can only help prolong engine life and performance, granted it does cost more. Here in Dallas Ft. Worth under the extreme Texas summer sun, high heat and severe driving conditions put engine oils to the test. Engine oils in this hot environment break-down and stop protecting your engine sooner.

BMW Engine Oils

Another consideration is the type of engine oil and its quality. BMW engines require full synthetic engine oil, and BMW of North America prescribes a specific list of approved oils. At JP Euro, we use Original BMW High Performance Full Synthetic SAE 5w30 Engine Oil (LL-01) exclusively. This is the best choice for our demanding clientele, considering BMWs have been factory-filled and dealer-serviced with this engine oil since the 1999 year model. Of course for M vehicles, we use only BMW’s Castrol TWS MotorSport 10w60 Full Synthetic High Performance engine oil where required.

Other non-BMW approved oils may not contain the required lubricant properties and additive packages, and therefore are not appropriate for BMW’s longer service intervals. This translates to the loss of protection your engine needs, changing the engine oil more frequently, and spending more time and money at the repair shop. Using Original BMW oils guarantees the highest level of protection and performance for your Ultimate Driving Machine.

Your BMW does not belong at quick-lubes, it deserves better service. Quick-lube and fast-service shops do not know your BMW like we do. They are unfamiliar with BMW’s maintenance requirements and even often do not know of the correct oil capacity. Most of them cannot reset and are unaware of your BMW’s service indicator. So consider bringing in your BMW to get its next oil change and service in dallas.

Mercedes Benz Repair

Dallas Mercedes Benz Repair and Services

Owing a luxury car, needs a good amount of maintenance and care. If you own a Mercedes Benz, then you might want to keep it in its best condition, by giving it its regular dose of servicing. There are many owners who are on the lookout for a reliable and a reputed Dallas Mercedes repair & service center. If you too are one among them, then come down and visit JPEuro, one of the leading independent service centers, located in Dallas, which offers reliable services at reasonable prices.

The employers here at JPEuro – a leading Dallas Mercedes repair & service center, are technicians and mechanics who are certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. They aim at attaining maximum client satisfaction and thus make sure that all their clients are 100% satisfied by the services.


Dallas Lamborghini Repair and Services

We are one of the best repairing and servicing providers of cars that belong to brand names like Lamborghini, Audi, Land Rover, Lexus, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes etc here in Dallas. If you are looking forward to give your Lexus a servicing session, then come to us.

Our professionals are highly trained, efficient and reliable. They received extensive factory training, which helps us offer the best services to our clients at reasonable prices. If you are indeed looking for Lamborghini repair & Services in Dallas, then visit us and you will not be disappointed. Our mechanics analyze and diagnose the problems first and then go ahead with executing the repairing methods.

This way, they detect the developing problem in the vehicle that might cause it to breakdown in the future. Our Lamborghini repair & Services in Dallas are highly reliable and is covered by a warranty of 20 months or 20,000 miles.


Dallas Mini Repair and Services

We understand your love for your car and thus, we make sure that your car gets the best treatment and care it needs to function properly. Bring your car to our service center, located Dallas and see for yourself, how we fill life back into your car making it as good as new. Our team of experts is trained to offer reliable Mini Repair & Services in Dallas. So, that you can vroom out in your mini every time, without wondering if the car is going to break down in the midst of nowhere on your trips. We are one of the best independent service centers, providing Mini Repair & Services in Dallas, with state-of the-art facility that allows us to diagnose the problem in your car in an instance, thus; helping us to provide you with efficient solutions.


Dallas Ferrari Repair and Services

We at JPEuro, are one of the leading independent service center, for all Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Land Rover, Toyota, Porsche, Mini, Audi and Land Rover vehicles here in Dallas. Our repair services are acknowledged by our clients. Since, we provide dealership amenities at market ladling prices. Our facility includes 6 bays, which can accommodate 12 cars at the same time.

If you are looking forward for Ferrari repair & services in Dallas, then visit our abode and get the best of services at the most economical of prices. Our experts are trained by the best in the industry, which enables them to offer a service that lasts the complete warranty time. Yes, our Ferrari repair & services in Dallas is completely covered by our warranty of 20 months or 20,000 miles. So, come and try out our services and make your rides much more enjoyable and tension free.


Dallas Porsche Repair and Services

Are you looking forward to get your Porshe repaired? Did you meet an accident? Or does your Porsche simply need a service, kind of a brush up? If yes, then come down here and our professionals will serve you with the best of car servicing in Dallas. Our mechanics go through extensive training, within the brands, in order to increase the performance of your car. They carry out a multi-point inspection in order to identify the underlying problems. They make sure that your car is as good as new when we deliver it back. If you are looking for Porsche repair & services in Dallas; then do opt for our services, since we are considered as one among the best companies that deals with Porsche repair & services in Dallas. Our approach is highly professional and we make it a point to serve you with the best, we can. So, opt for our repair services and you will for sure not regret.

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