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Transmission Service & Repairs

Few things will leave you stranded more quickly than a failing transmission and with today’s highly complex units, finding a qualified technician to work on them is no easy matter.

Fortunately, JP Euro’s ASE trained and certified technicians now how to diagnose and repair your transmission, no matter what type it is and no matter what manufacturer made it. 

If you feel jerkiness while driving, rough or abrupt shifting, get your vehicle to us as soon as possible. Typically, when transmissions start showing symptoms, a complete failure of the system is imminent.

Don’t wait until you’re stranded: have us diagnose the problem before it gets more serious.  

Things like sluggishness, a decrease in fuel mileage, hard shifts, slow shifts and jerkiness while driving are symptoms of a transmission problem. A check engine light might be triggered if the problem gets serious. If the problem is ignored, it can cause damage to other components inside the transmission. 

We’ll start by scanning for engine codes and pressure checking the system as the first order of business. Usually, we’ll find the problem at this stage. If not, an extended road test might be needed where we drive you vehicle over varying conditions for 10 miles or so. The goal is to replicate the problem so we can provide an effective diagnosis. 

Next, we need to develop a solution. With today’s modern transmissions, often times the repair is as easy as changing a module, a solenoid or some other similar device inside the transmission. If the problem is more serious, a more thorough teardown of the unit will be needed to access and replace the failing components. 

Want to lengthen the service life of your transmission? Follow the recommended fluid and filter change intervals to the letter. If your vehicle is driven hard, decrease the service intervals and have the work done sooner and more often. 

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Did you know that the 2013 BMW M3’s transmission costs $13,200 and 41500 in labor to replace? Did you know the Nissan GT-R transmission costs nearly $20,000 to replace?

Today’s transmissions are technological marvels. They thrive when they’re maintained, they stumble and fail when they’re not.

Please, if you take one piece of advice from us, service your transmission fluid and filters at regular intervals. Texas weather is especially brutal on your transmission.


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