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Fuel Injection

Fuel injection systems

The modern fuel injection system is a technological marvel. It takes fuel from the gas tanks, transports it it to the engine, then atomizes it into a fine mist that is sprayed into the engine at high pressure. It does this hundreds of times per second. For hundreds of thousands of miles. But it needs a little love to operate as designed. 

Fuel injectors are essentially high-speed, electronically-controlled valves. They open and close hundreds of times per minute under high pressures and high temperatures.

After time, contaminants in your gasoline, left over combustion gases and oil vapors inside the combustion chamber and heat all begin to effect their performance.

You’ll notice that your gas mileage starts to drop and the vehicle feels a bit less peppy than it did when it was new. This is typically around the 40,000 mile mark. 

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend a full bench-flow test. That’s where we remove the injectors and send them out for flow testing. If they need servicing, we can service them, re-flow test to ensure 100% operation and re-install them in the vehicle, usually for far less than installing new injectors. 


Things like sluggishness, a decrease in fuel mileage, the smell of gasoline while driving and jerkiness while driving are symptoms of weak or failing injectors. A check engine light might be triggered if the problem gets serious. 

Scanning engine codes and pressure checking the system is the first order of business. Servicing other things like the fuel filters and Mass airflow sensor are also part of the recommended action plan. 

If the other preventative items like the fuel filter and mass airflow sensor service don’t fix the problem, the injectors must either be replaced or reconditioned. Reconditioning means flow testing, rebuilding and then flow matching the injectors. If you look at the picture, you can see that each of these injectors is flowing at different rates. That makes for poor performance, poor mileage and poor driveability. 

#1 tip: stop using cheap gas. Stick with Shell, Chevron and other top tier gasolines. Top tier gasolines use strong additives and detergents to prevent build ups of gum and gunk inside your engine. 

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No flow, no go

The fuel that resides in your gas tank has to be carried to various spots of the engine to be burned and used to power the vehicle. Making sure that the fuel is being delivered properly should be something that you take very seriously. Normally, the fuel from the tank will travel through lines to the fuel injectors to be dispersed. Each of the cylinders in the engine will have a dedicated fuel injector. The fuel will be dispensed in a fine mist, which makes it much easier to use and burn during the combustion process. Every time you crank and run your car, the fuel injector will be used to provide the engine with the power it needs to perform.

The fuel injectors on your car will typically last between 40,000 and 100,000 miles. The length of time that the injector lasts has a lot to do with the type of gas that is used in the car and how often the various fuel filters are changed. Using lower grade gas will usually lead to the fuel injectors becoming gummed up. There are a number of injector treatments on the market that can help to break up these types of deposits. Eventually, even the treatments will not be able to get the injectors back in good shape and they will need to be changed out. A bad injector can wreak havoc on an engine and will have to be replaced immediately to restore functionality.

The fuel injectors are a very vital part of your engine and without out them the proper amount of fuel will not be delivered. The last thing that you want to do is ignore the warning signs that the fuel injectors need to be replaced due to the damage it can cause your engine.

When the fuel injectors are in need of replacement, here are some of the things you will start to notice:

  • The Check Engine Light is on
  • Your engine continuously misfires
  • The fuel efficiency of the car begins to decline significantly
  • You detect fuel leaks around where the fuel injectors are mounted
  • There is a noticeable gas odor coming from the vehicle

Getting a quality fuel injector put back on your car will be worth the money spent due to the performance it can provide.

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