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Exhaust system

Exhaust systems

What you need to know

Exhaust systems generally consistent of several sections:

  • The exhaust manifold
  • The catalytic converter section
  • The mid pipe section
  • The axle-back section

These sections vary by make and model. Generally speaking, once the manufacturer’s warranty runs out, you’re on your own for repairs and service.

Catalytic converters usually last 100,000 miles without too many issues. On some cars, the exhaust piping or mufflers will begin to rust, usually from the inside out. Why? A by-product of combustion is moisture. Moisture accumulates at the lower portion of the muffler and the exhaust piping. 

Fixing exhaust leaks on most cars means replacing damaged/rusted sections with pre-fabbed pieces of tubing. A straightforward repair that takes a couple of hours and costs generally around $150-$200.

A lot of people like to change their factory exhaust with something that provides a better sound and more power. Companies like Borla, MagnaFlow and many, many others make great systems that are essentially pre-built and require only installation.

The first symptom of an exhaust problem is a ticking sound under the car. From there, a small hole soon turns into a large one and noise gets louder and louder. Eventually, exhaust parts might start coming off the car. A quick inspection of your exhaust piping might show some rust. If it’s just a light surface rust, probably not an issue…yet. If it’s rusted to point where the system has a hole, all of the exhaust piping and mufflers are probably shot. 

The first step is determine what we’re going to replace: is it some of the piping? Are the mufflers toast? What about the catalytic converters, are they still working? A visual inspection coupled a computer diagnostic scan will give us our direction. 

Next, we need talk to the customer to see what they want to do. If they’re keeping the car, we go over the factory-replacement options vs. aftermarket options. Sometimes, we can buy brand new components from aftermarket suppliers at much cheaper prices. If the customer is into performance, we provide options for a sportier performance exhaust system. 

Exhaust systems are fairly important. Not only do they keep dangerous exhaust gases out of the car, they help clean the air through use of catalytic converters. Their function is monitored by your car’s on-board diagnostics systems and if problems arise, a check engine light pops on and performance might be reduced. An annual inspection is cheap insurance. 

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Stock or aftermarket?

If your exhaust system has deteriorated, is leaking or is showing signs of rust, you have a choice between replacing the bad components with a factory-type system or an aftermarket system.

For drivers who are not into extra power and a louder exhaust, staying with the factory setup is the way to go. For everyone else, there’s the aftermarket.

We get great deals on some of the world’s best performance exhaust systems and components. Contact us with your specific needs. 

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