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Why is this important?

A bad alignment will wear tires very rapidly and can create an unsafe driving condition due to poor steering and braking response. If your vehicle is out of alignment, you could ruin your tires in less than 5,000 miles.

Texas roads are especially brutal on a vehicle’s suspension, further increasing the likeliness that your vehicle’s alignment needs to be checked with greater frequency.

With today’s modern, independent suspensions, there are many adjustments and settings including caster, camber and toe, to name a few. Each refers to a different aspect of the suspension’s alignment and every setting is specific to the year, make and model of your vehicle. Computerized alignment machines are expensive but so too is the training to bring technicians up to speed on all of the idiosyncrasies of each vehicle. 

JP Euro has both the equipment and expertise to restore your vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications. 

The first symptom of an alignment issue is a crooked or slightly-off steering wheel alignment when driving in a straight line. If the car pulls to one side while driving straight, that’s another indication that something’s amiss. Uneven tire wear, such as balding tires at the very inside or outside edge of the tire is another sure sign of alignment issues.  

What caused the vehicle to be out of alignment requires checking of other things, including steering mechanisms, ball joints and other suspension components. Once the technician is satisfied that any root causes have been addressed and corrected, only then should the vehicle’s alignment be corrected. 

We usually ask our customers if they prefer an alignment that favors long tire wear or snappy handling. We adjust the settings accordingly.  

With the alignment complete and tire pressures adjusted, we go for a test drive to do a final check of our work. 

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The “performance alignment”

Some cars will handle much better if they receive a performance alignment. This is a process whereby we ignore the factory alignment specifications and dial-in more camber for better turn-in and handling on a race track. We also pay special attention to the toe settings. This type of service is especially popular with Porsche, Ferrari and Nissan GT-R owners who take their cars to race track days. 

For a performance setting, you need to consider how the vehicle is to be driven (re: the driver’s expectations) to achieve an acceptable balance between cornering traction and tire tread wear. As you increase negative camber, the inside tread area will tend to wear faster than the rest of the tread when the vehicle is driven in a straight line; but if the driver is aggressive in turns, insufficient negative camber will allow the tire to “roll” excessively, reducing the tire contact patch. The goal is to create an acceptable compromise between tread wear and cornering grip. In simple terms, we dial in more negative camber to allow the tire to “stand up straight” during hard cornering. 

Factory camber specs are usually biased toward overall tire tread life for so-called normal driving. The performance-minded driver will benefit from a setting that’s negative. Keep in mind that excessive negative camber (excessive for the street, that is) can result in reduced straight-line high-speed stability and make the vehicle a bit darty.

For your owners of high performance vehicles, talk to us about your preferences so we can help you make an informed decision. 


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