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The importance of good brakes

We offer perhaps the most affordable brake repair service in Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, Addison, Sachse, Wylie, and surrounding areas.

JP Euro Linear’s provides complete certified brake repair services and maintenance for all car makes and models, both import and domestic.

We handle every aspect of braking systems, from pad and rotor replacement to master cylinder and full system overhauls.

Brakes should be inspected at least every 5,000 miles for both safety and to prevent damage to other components of the system. Following the factory scheduled maintenance helps keep repair costs lower.

Early warning signs of brake issues include low pedal, soft pedal, squeaks and whirring noises. If you start to experience any of these, schedule an appointment with us immediately. 

We start by doing a road test. Our experienced technicians can hone in on the problem in this way. From there, we have enough evidence to narrow the issue to the suspected component(s). A visual inspection of brake pads, brake lines, brake rotors/drums, brake fluid and master cylinder often reveals the issue. In the event that these inspections turn up nothing, we run diagnostics of sensors, brake line pressure and supporting components. 

Planning a solution depends on many factors: age of vehicle; cost of repairs; warranty coverage and other factors. We then present solutions to customers based on these factors. 

Of course, no vehicle leaves our facility in an unsafe condition but in some cases, using reconditioned parts (such as for brake rotors) are safe, affordable alternatives to buying brand new parts from the factory. In other cases, aftermarket companies offer more affordable solutions that are just as good as the factory components. 

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It’s probably obvious to most people that brakes are pretty important. Most people tend to ignore them until they start making noise or showing symptoms of problems.

That’s a bad idea. In some cases, when noises start to appear, the rotors are already damaged and a repair that might’ve cost only $150 now could cost more than $1,000. 

On most vehicles, brakes are good for 20,000 miles or more. There are however many cars that are lucky to get 10,000 miles on a set of brake pads. it depends on the vehicle, its weight and how the vehicle is used. Vehicles that tow heavy loads are generally viewed as “heavy use” and as such, will require frequent inspection and will suffer a decreased service life on brake components.

Essentially, the wearable parts are the brake pads, the brake rotors and the brake calipers. Still, items like the master cylinder, the ABS control unit, sensors and even the brake fluid all have a service life.

Maintenance is key to longevity of these parts. Dirty brake fluid can kill other components rapidly and this is something often overlooked by drivers. 

The biggest piece of advice we can offer is to have your brakes inspected often. We strongly recommend a brake inspection at least every 5,000 miles. If we catch a problem early, it will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. 

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