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Battery replacement & testing

Battery Life

Quick: how long is the average car battery good for in today’s modern cars? If you said anything longer than three years, you’d be wrong. Today’s vehicles are packed with electronics. So many in fact, that some cars actually have two batteries. Because of the advances in technology, batteries have gotten better, but they’ve also gotten smaller because of the tight under-hood spaces. As such, the service life is now about three years. After that, you’re living on borrowed time.

Think about that for a second: in the 1970’s, most cars didn’t have power windows, CD players, airbags, power moonroofs, ABS systems, heated seats and all of the associated computers, sensors and supporting electronics.

Today’s cars have many computers, hundreds of sensors, dozens of power assist features from electric-assist steering to air conditioned seats. The electrical load is massive. Couple that with the affects of extreme heat and extreme cold during our seasons and this all takes a toll on your car’s electrical system.

Check the health of your car’s battery and charging system by stopping by for a check up. 


When your car takes longer to crank in the morning, that’s often a sign that the battery is aging. If your lights start to flicker at intersections while you’re running the heater, A/C or radio, that could be a sign of an alternator problem. If your car flat out won’t start, even though you can jump start the car, the battery is likely near the end of its service life.  

We have to isolate the problem to see if there is a root cause to your dead battery. Is it a faulty alternator? An open circuit/dead short? Did someone leave an accessory on too long without the engine running? Our diagnostics computer will unravel the mystery in short order. 

If the battery truly is the problem, it’s a matter of sourcing a new one of equal or better quality at the best possible price. We’ll handle all of that for you. After installation, we’ll use our computer to ensure the vehicle accepts the new battery and that all charging functions are restored. 

Since most batteries don’t need water or service these days, the best thing to do is to ask for a battery-health check up each time you come in. Our machine gives a full printed report on your battery’s health in less than a minute. 

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Change it yourself?

Thinking about changing your battery yourself? Probably a bad idea. On many cars, especially BMWs, you can’t change the battery without using BMW’s proprietary diagnostic computer to “code” the battery to the car. If you change it anyway, you will ruin a $500 battery in short order. 

A quick battery diagnostic will tell us if your battery is not charging because of some other problem or if it’s just nearing the end of its service life.

A new battery for very basic cars can be as cheap as $80. For some German and Italian cars, they can be $500 or more. We’ll help select the best battery for your application using our many resources. 


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