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Air conditioning

Texas without A/C = Misery

Air conditioning systems are usually pretty reliable. In fact, they often last the life of the car. However, when the A/C stops blowing cold, there’s a a failure of some component somewhere.  

Sometimes, it’s just a leak in the system, perhaps caused by a rock that punctured the condenser. Other times, there’s a leaking hose or a fan switch that isn’t working. On more upscale vehicles, any number of electronic issues could be the problem.

These systems are unserviceable by vehicle owners at home, so you’ll definitely need to come see us. JP Euro has both the A/C diagnostic equipment and the vehicle-specific electronic diagnostics tools, so before you take your vehicle to a local A/C “specialist,” you need to understand that when they can’t find a leak, their next step is to start guessing at the problem as they usually do not have the equipment we do. 

We all the feeling – the A/C stops blowing cold. Maybe it’s kind of cool, but not really cold. That can only mean one thing: there’s a problem. Bring your vehicle to us if your A/C stops blowing cold if you smell something funny from the vents. The sooner you get it fixed, the more money you’ll save. 

A pressure test of the A/C system is among our first course of action. From there, we can isolate the problem and develop a plan of action to remedy the situation. 

Sometimes it’s just a leak in the system, other times it’s an electronic module or component that’s gone bad. Whatever the issue, A/C repairs are no problem for us because we have the equipment to fully diagnose and resolve the problem quickly. 

The best course of action is to have your A/C system inspected annually. We offer this service to our clients, but suggest that you book in the Spring to prevent the Summer rush…and the Summer misery. 

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Cooling systems are generally overlooked until there’s a problem. That’s a huge mistake. If an engine overheats even once, the damage could be catastrophic. With today’s aluminum heads and engine blocks, even using the wrong kind of water can be extremely detrimental to the life of the engine.

Cooling systems require not only use of model-specific coolant/anti-freeze, the use of distilled water is critical to preventing corrosion of system components. 

On most vehicles, an annual inspection can prevent problems. Actual recommended inspection intervals depend on the vehicle, its weight and how the vehicle is used. Vehicles that tow heavy loads are generally viewed as “heavy use” and as such, will require frequent inspection and will suffer a decreased service life on brake components.

Essentially, the wearable parts are the radiator, water pump, thermostat and hoses. Let us not forget the coolant itself and the fan belt. 

Maintenance is key to longevity of these parts. Contaminated/neglected coolant can kill other components rapidly and this is something often overlooked by drivers. If your fan belt/serpentine belt breaks, the car can overheat in minutes, resulting in catastrophic engine failure. 

The biggest piece of advice we can offer is to have your cooling system inspected at least annually. If we catch a problem early, it will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. 

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