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Dallas ADV1 Wheels – JP Euro Auto Service & Repair Center

Dallas ADV1 Wheels
Posted on February 19, 2016

Dallas ADV1 Wheels

Visit JP Euro today for Dallas ADV1 Wheels. We offer best Dallas ADV1 Wheels collection at our center with expert technicians and mechanics support. Because we understand our client’s concerns when they suffer wheels alignment and wheel balancing issues. Our experts diagnose the flaws and fix it right away. If you need wheel alignment and balancing for new wheel installation or existing wheels, do visit our JP Euro Service Center. High quality vehicle wheels collection and services are guaranteed.

Why you need it?

It won’t give any rider a pleasant feeling if the proper wheel is not installed or faults of vehicles wheels were not diagnosed. Sometime things get worst. If your car is not wheel aligned and properly wheel balanced, it can cost you accident. Obviously no one want that worst consequences to face. If you feel car is behaving abnormally during drive turns, it’s the right time to check vehicle’s wheel alignment and balance.

Dallas AdV1 Wheel Collections

We offer various range of wheel collection to clients for Dallas ADV1 wheels. With aim to provide best comfortable drive with strong road grip below are wheel collections that we offer to clients for their vehicle.


In contrast every wheel collection has further three series CS, SL, Standard respectively. However the details of those three series are as follows.

CS Series

The CS Series is available to client in 3 distinct forging configurations with performance upgrade. Every version has its durability and performance traits where as the price level, personalization options. ADV1 wheel Style been used as illustration for various feature to describe variations between each framework within 1 style of the vehicle wheel. So with that additional edge CS Series wheel styles had fits applicable to these configurations.

SL Series

The ADV1 SL Series is an answer to popular million dollar question, “please, can you tell us how much do they weigh?”. So answer to it is SL series. SL series is the only truly vehicle specific, tested, lightweight wheel for powerful, 200+ mph, 2000+ horsepower exotics.

Standard Series

The third is ADV1 Track Spec Standard Series con. Our flagship line, the Track Spec Standard Series consists of three piece technology construction using our deep curve profile with a modified die and forge design and we call it  “contoured spoke” extension Technology in Cars language.

For Dallas ADV1 wheels, schedule an appointment or visit JP Euro European and Exotic Service Center today.