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Looking for a Body Shop in Dallas? Try us!

We hope it never happens, but when you need a Body Shop in the Dallas, Garland, Plano, or surrounding areas, please call us. Our paint and body shop features brand new equipment and certified collision repair services. We’ll even help work with your insurance adjuster to ensure your vehicle is fixed right the first time. This is why we think JP Euro Collision is the best body shop in Dallas. 

While JP Euro has a special fondness for foreign and exotics, we of course service domestic vehicles and pickups. We’re also certified to work on the new aluminum body trucks. 

If you’re ever in an accident, have your vehicle towed to us and we’ll handle everything. 

The process starts with an insurance appraiser. The appraiser will come to our facility and talk to us about what’s needed to fix your vehicle correctly. Differences in insurance coverage may mean that your insurance company is not obligated to use certain types of parts, so check your coverage long before you have an accident.

After the appraisal is agreed upon by both parties, we get to work. Today’s modern cars are surprisingly strong and robust. That’s a good thing but it also means repairing them takes special tools and special training. We have both. We also have the tools and equipment to measure very precisely dimensions of the vehicles to ensure that your vehicle leaves with a straight body, a straight frame and is fully restored to its original condition.

Our paint process includes use of a brand new downdraft paint booth system and incorporates the latest technology in paint guns. The equipment is considered to be so advanced, local car dealers have begun sending their cars to us for collision repair. 

Collectively, our expertise, experience, equipment and tools make us the best choice for all of your collision or customization needs.