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BMW Coding Dallas – Add/Active/Deactivate BMW Features

BMW Coding Dallas
Posted on February 12, 2016

BMW Coding Dallas

BMW Coding Dallas is best done by JP Euro. Bring your car to our auto shop for BMW coding Dallas. We can add options that your car didn’t have from factory. We know every BMW Car owner love their car. These precious cars provide everything a drive needs/wishes to have like safety, comfortless, latest technology and pleasure in driving. So why not have their program customized your way.

When we talk about BMW coding it does not necessarily mean that we are talking about programming. It’s just a re-configuration of BMW car software. You can change software settings your way, you can active/deactivate features, even modify/install features you like. For example, you may want to have xenon on your car that has factory halogens.

BMW Coding involves many options, like you want to disable that annoying seat belt sound? You want to disable certain restraint system errors? You want Battery coding and registration? Automatically pop the key out when car is turned off? Unlock the doors automatically when key is removed or car is turned off ? You can even customize reserve fuel warning threshold to desired level (1/4, 1/8 of tank ).

Simply, if you need any coding for your BMW car, whether its information display, lighting, instrumental panel, performance, system or any specific coding bring your car to JP Euro European and Exotic Service Center.

There are plenty of options in BMW that have not been activated by the factory on purpose. They consider those as extra options, But you can have them activated.

Only an expert can handle configuring BMW software. But it does not mean that you can not do it yourself. There are many things that you need to learn/know, so to handle it.. You need software, tutorials, ENET cable or K+DCAN BMW coding cable (depending on BMW series), cheat sheet etc. Then you have to install software and follow tutorials knowing what you are doing. After all these factors, do ask yourself a question “Do you have enough time to do all this?”. We highly recommend appointing experts as it will be risk free and will save your time.

If you have decided to ask an expert for BMW Coding Dallas, get an appointment at JP Euro. Our Experienced mechanics  and factory trained master technicians will take care of rest. We have BMW technicians trained by WorldPac.

JP Euro Promises to ensure the best customization available for you BMW. Describe what kind in installation do you need and consider it done.