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BMW Battery Registration is Crucial for Maximum Performance

Dallas BMW Service and Repair
Posted on October 29, 2013

BMW Battery Registration is Crucial for Maximum Performance

Although it is one of the most important components of your BMW, the battery is often the most overlooked and neglected item until it no longer has enough juice to start your car. While the temptation may be to simply catch a quick ride to a local battery vendor and pick up a new one, we here at JP Euro, would like you to think twice before doing this.

Because your BMW is a sophisticated driving machine, it is important that the battery match the make and model of your car. In addition, battery registration is necessary so that your vehicle is always functioning at peak performance levels.

The importance of battery registration
Over time, the computer monitoring system in a BMW ensures that the alternator is properly charging the battery according to its age and model. When the battery is replaced, the on-board computer system needs to know this so that it can readjust the alternator for maximum efficiency and to ensure the battery maintains a proper charge. Registration is the process of resetting the vehicle’s computer, during which several necessary operations are performed, including:

•  Setting the battery to proper capacity
•  Storing the odometer readings at the time of installation to track new battery mileage and charge
•  Deleting stored statistics from the old battery
•  Recording key information from the new battery (voltage, current, charge level)

Failing to register the BMW battery brings problems
One of the problems with a new battery that is not registered is that it may take several months before any problems appear, and they will arise without warning. A battery that is not registered during your Dallas BMW service may not trigger any of the car’s warning lights, leaving you in the dark until it is too late. Among the known damages that will occur are:

•  Shortened battery life because the alternator computer has not been adjusted
•  Damaged on-board computer components
•  Damaged electrical components

You have made a significant investment in your BMW and proper maintenance is the best way to make sure you get everything out of it that you expect.

BMW Battery Registration is crucial for maximum performance. Do not take unnecessary risk, have your battery installed and registered correctly by our team. The process takes a few minutes and can save you the aggravation and expense of costly repairs down the road.

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